Welcome to The Swaen.

The Swaen is a specialty maltster in the heart of Sealand Flanders. The people here are quite humble, so they won’t ever mention it, but they’ve recently been awarded the title of third best Maltster in the world. That doesn’t just happen for no reason…

Behind every door
is an untold story...

Episode 1: How did we get here?

The Swaen process malts from the finest local grains, and have been doing so since 1906, when they were founded. In the beginning, they weren’t just a malt house, but also a brewery. This duality lived on side by side until the Second World War, when their kettles were unfortunately removed.

Episode 2: What do we do and how?

The atmosphere inside the facility feels calm and familiar. Walking around, it’s easy to forget that what’s made travels the world to countries that are hard to pronounce.

Episode 3: Making the world taste better

Once the maltsters are completely satisfied with the product, it’s transported out, on the way to make the world taste better.

Our recipes