Black IPA

Two weeks ago, there was a Homebrewing Contest in Budapest and we have a Hungarian colleague, who lives there. Our Key Account Manager, Csaba Papp is an enthusiastic homebrewer since 2013, practices continuously with Swaen malts, and tries to develop better and better recipes. He always participates in this contest – “This is a nice event to share brews, ideas and get some objective feedback of my beer, which I can learn from”. This year was especially successful for him, as he collected 2 medals:

29C: Specialty Fruit Beer: Golden
21B: Specialty IPA | Black IPA: Bronze

Let us show you his Black IPA recipe – The “Dark Matter” is a creamy, nicely hopped beer with pleasant maltiness.

Black IPA – also referred as Cascadian Dark Ale: This beer style has almost the same characteristics as American IPA’s. It’s well hopped, mostly with tropical, citrusy hops, the gulp is creamy, while the finish is on the drier side. Black malts give the color and also some flavor which shouldn’t be burnt and roasty. No harshness, needs to be easy to drink.

Batch size: 17 l (4,5 gallon)
Efficiency: 74 %
OG: 1.070
FG: 1.015
ABV: 7,2 %
Bitterness: 51 IBU
Colour: 32 SRM
Carbonation: 2.0
pH: 5,3


Whirlpool: add hops at 80°C (176 F) and leave them for 15 minutes
Dry hopping: add hops 4 days before bottling

Any yeast strain which enhance the hop and malt flavors.

Mashing 1: 63 °C (145 F) 40 min
Mashing 2: 71 °C (160 F) 20 min
Mash out: 78 °C (172 F) 10 min
Boil for 60 minutes.
Ferment at ~19-22 °C (66-72 F) for 10-14 days

Next time we share his prizewinning recipe, a Tropical Sour IPA called Tropical Illusion. Follow us!