Original way of selling beer during the corona crisis

Corona. It seems to be the only topic of discussion at the moment. No European country will be immune to the economic impacts of the pandemic 

Why is the craft beer industry moving to canned beer?

 More and more brewers are making the switch to aluminium and steel cans.

Sour is the new IPA?

In the past years these kind of beers gained popularity among beer geeks indeed, while others say it is just like a spoiled beer. Well, we have to admit that the acidic taste often refers to a mistake in the product.

Mucha cerveza en España

We have visited many craft brewers together in Sevilla, Valencia, Cordoba, Toledo and the beer festival of Granada.

Trip to the USA

Purpose of the trip was technical-commercial support to our distributor L.D. Carlson during the Craft Brewer Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

On the road

Brewers looking for consistency and yield in South America. The development of the craft industry in South America is simply stunning.