The Swaen won the Bronze Brewing Supply Award in Vienna

The Swaen has been awarded with the Bronze medal during the Brewing Supply
Awards at the 9th World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference in Vienna, Austria.

The Brewing Supply Awards shine a light on the most innovative businesses in the industry by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the global malt, barley, beer and hops business community.

Both the conference and the Brewing Supply Awards were organized by RMI Analytics. The Annual Conference was attended by more than 350 delegates of the world’s top brewers and brewing raw materials suppliers. The award points out that we are on the right track. This award will contribute to achieving our goals to be the best in customer experience, sustainability and making malt a craft. We are ver y proud to be 3rd among all these great maltsters in the world.

Find here the feedback by the jury and the reason of awarding
The Swaen with the bronze medal:
“The Swaen company made a clear strategic decision on which clients and countries to serve. It smartly reduced its energy and gas consumption by 70%. It applies a strong customer focus and efficient marketing methods. It invests into improving the commercial value of a commodity, all contributing to this company’s rapid growth in number of customers, countries and products over the past few years”

Our malt house makes 48 flavours of malt for every type of beer. Each with their own story and local origin.


The Swaen has been working closely with farmers in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen since 2001. The goal of this cooperation is the sustainable improvement of the barley crop and the building of the correct chain structure. This collaboration created “Growing the Swaen”, an initiative that focuses on sustainable agriculture. 

At the moment there are 40 farmers growing The Swaen barley on about 300 ha with an average yield of 8 ton per ha.

The cooperation enables us to trace the quality in every stage of production. As well separte storage of all barley: per variety, per region, per supplier. These factors guarantee the availability of high quality malt.


As a close neighbour of ‘The Swaen’ I’m one of the top growers of malting barley for the malt house. The top growers were created by a project of the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization ZLTO. They have taken the initiative to make the chain from the grower to the processor as short as possible with the name ‘Growing The Swaen’. The aim was to create added value for both the growers and the malt house. The growers receive the best possible price for the
malting barley, with additional knowledge about choice of varieties, growing conditions, quality and a yield comparison. Through this collaboration the malt house can demonstrate how, where and under what conditions the malting barley is grown.